A publication for the Diablo Valley dedicated to finding really good food close to home.


Text Box: What’s in it?

·     Great places to eat

·     Menu pages

·     Quick Reviews

·     Directory of Yum! advertisers by type of cuisine

·     And a handy calendar of festivals and foodie events


Text Box: Who reads it?

Everyone who likes to eat


Yum! is delivered to 82,000 homes and businesses in Concord, Clayton, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Martinez and Walnut Creek inside the Community Focus, the Clayton Pioneer and the Concord Pioneer


Text Box: Tell me more


Yum! Is a 5.5” x 8.5” guide

Every page in full color on fine satin gloss paper

Published twice a year: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer

What about advertising?

Every ad includes display art and a 40 word ‘quick’review.

Restaurants listed by city.

Full Page Options:

Full Page Display (or Combo)

Restaurant Feature approx. 200 words

Menu Page

Display/Coupon Combo – DOUBLE the power

Purchase the flip side of your display ad to offer one or more coupons

Full Page Combo – up to 6 coupons

Half Page Combo – up to 3 coupons

Third Page Combo – 1 or 2 coupons

Text Box: So, how much to advertise?

Not much, really


Text Box: Ad Pricing

Inside Front Cover


Outside Back Cover


Page 3


Center Spread


Full Page


Full Page/Coupon Combo


Half Page


Half Page/Coupon Combo


Third Page


Third Page/Coupon Combo


Quarter Page (no combo option)



Text Box: Ad Sizes


Full Page

5”x 8”

Half Page

5” x 3.88”

Third Page

5” x 2.5

Quarter Page

2.4” x 3.88”


We are currently filling our Fall/Winter Guide

Reserve your space by October 1


Text Box: Where do I sign up?

  Call us. We’ll take it from there.




Pioneer Newspapers: 925.672.0500

Community Focus: 925.335.6397




a joint publication of the

Community Focus

Clayton Pioneer

Concord Pioneer

6680 Alhambra Ave., #132

Martinez, CA 94553